Chris Page: editor, writer of fiction and non-fiction; expatriate (or exile?); cat person; red wine for blood and cheese in his soul.

He is author of the novel Weed and King of the Undies World, and the collection of short stories Un-Tall Tales.

Chris is a freelance writer living and working in Japan since 1989. From 20001 to 2012 he was editor and, briefly publisher of Kansai Scene magazine. He has contributed to the BBC World Service, CBC TV News (Canada), The Japan Times, Time Out (London) Kyoto City Guide, The London News Review, Kansai Scene, Tokyo Scene, The Gloucester Citizen, Kansai Time Out and various non-commercial publications and web sites.

He has not won the Nobel Prize for Literature.

He is also an occasional artist, illustrator, cartoonist but those activities are very much sidetracked by writing.

This blog is about middle age, creative writing, exile, mortality, single malt Scotch whisky and is a deposit for all the stuff and nonsense that doesn’t fit into my fiction blog.

If you would like to exchange mutual links with your site or contact Trouserpress for any other reason, email at the address below.

Contact: psipook @ psipook .com (typed without the spaces)

On Facebook as Chris Page

Twitter: @psipookian — http://twitter.com/psipook

Skype: psipook

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