Emoting in Mavericks

In 2012 I posted in this blog an excruciatingly important piece about finding emoji on your Mac. In 2013 Apple released its latest operating system OS X.9 Mavericks, and the emoji disappeared. In 2014, I made an effort to find them again. Clearly, 2014 is a busy year.
Previously they were locked away in something called characterpalette.app. Now they are just a shortcut away: click where you want to type and go
command + control + space
That’s it.
Still nothing intuitive about it, unless you are the kind of person who intuitively goes command + control + space but it works.
The emoji palette pops up right where you put your cursor. Drag it away to keep it open or it will close after you click your first character.
And yes, you no longer need to endure the arduousness of dragging your little smily, grimacing, crying faces or flying teapots to the place you want them. You just click on what you want.
But does it work in WordPress yet?
✔️. 🍰, as they say.
And if you click on the odd square icon in the top right corner of your character palette, you get a choice of symbols that have some actual typographical use value, like special punctuation, currency symbols, pictographs, maths symbols, bullets and all that sort of stuff.
So that’s my good deed done for 2014. I’ll see you in 2015 when the palette disappears with the next OS upgrade.
Meanwhile, I am going to get on with writing the world’s first novel to be crafted from cute cat faces. 😸
🍻 to all.

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