On my trolley

I note with an embarrassing excess of enthusiasm that the new supermarket trolleys at Yamaya are equipped with drinks holders. Yes, beverage-friendly receptacles right there on your trolley (which, being Japanese, does not have a wonky wheel).

It is therefore now possible to consume while consuming.

This is why Japan is an economic powerhouse and I’m not.

Perhaps the super trolley boffins could go a tad further. I am thinking of comrade P who was observed by comrade Nagaijin (Hi!) in the Life supermarket in Nagai mixing rum into his can of Coke, both just harvested from the shelves of same shop, so he didn’t go sober while getting the groceries in.

Perhaps rather than a drink holder on the trolley, Yamaya could upgrade to a full cocktail bar.

Yaroo, as they say.

Buy the buy, Yamaya is the very same shop where I get all my wine. I only really go there for the sun-dried tomatoes but I usually pick up several litres of wine at the same time just to be friendly. Anyway, Yamaya is headquartered in Miyagi, which is the prefecture that was worst hit by last year’s earthquake/tsunami. This means that with boggling prescience, I have been supporting Tohoku’s economic bounce-back since about 2001, a whole decade before the disaster.



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