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Essaying an essay or three

Those terribly thoughtful people at WordPress prompt users by suggesting topics which pop up on the dashboard, etc. This is very useful for people who have spent their whole life in a box and have nothing in their head.

I have spent my whole life in a box and have nothing in head, so here goes.

1. Who brings out the best in you?

The one with the spade.  (Hi, if you’re reading this.)

2. Do you like children?

When neither seen nor heard. Otherwise no. Ask me another.

3. What makes you nervous?

Ghosts. Being in an airplane that’s about to crash. Things that provoke fear. Urinating, because on exiting the lavatory I’m never sure whether I’ve actually emptied properly or whether I’m about to have wet chinos. Squid, when they are twenty metres long and in a biting mood, which is a frequent hazard on my mountain in Nara. Being without.

Thank you, WordPress. Can I have my injection now, please?


Fried squid




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