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Chicken addendum

It was a chill and blustery day when we went to Ise and this chicken got the wind up at the intrusion of this fowl paparazzo.

Chilly chicken, Ise Shrine


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Back to work

Appropriate cemetery view from the office window.

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New trousers

The original Trouserpress, alas, has pressed its last wrinkle. The PHP went delinquent on me, and rather than mend its ways, I have re-started the blog at this address, and in snazzier form. I hope.

There were a few good posts on the old press and I leave them up. You can stroll down my memory lane here.

If you are an avid and regular reader of Trouserpress (if there is such a person), you might want to consider bookmarking this page or resetting the RSS because all future posts will appear here.

Bananas to all.

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